Public Artworks


Musical sculpture at Bundaleer forest event. This was a collaborative artwork with sculptor Roland Weight and myself. A series of sound making assemblages are housed in stacked sheep troughs. This artwork can be interacted with and (played) by many people, creating a soundscape in the forest.

Centenary of Federation

The Burra and townships running up Goyders Line all the way to Terrowie fall into the Goyder Council, This Council received funding from Centenary of Federation Funds to create historically themed Artworks that celebrate all those townships. Each town had a steering committee that was represented on Goyder council Centenary of Federation planning. This was a terrific example of a community driven process where the artists myself and Roland Weight interpreted from historical material such as maps photographs and stories into Sculptural ideas for each town. The interesting aspect of the creation of these artworks is that the community took ownership participating in painting and mosaicking, casting cement foundations to describe just some of the help.

Festival of the Coast

The Festival Of the coast was an initiative of the Charles Sturt Council. Many Artists and communities were involved in creating spectacular transportable artworks to celebrate all aspects of the coast in a series of parades and events. Artist Roland Weight and I were asked to create an icon of the beach. This gave us a chance to create something on the scale of the Easter Island statues. We chose to make the head of a giant lifesaver that would light up at night. The six metre head was towed along the beach to the grange jetty where a crowd loudly pointed out that it could not pass. To everyone’s amazement pins were pulled and the head articulated back to limbo under the jetty.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Parndana Towns entrance Artworks. The Creation of these Artworks happened of a few stages and corresponding funding rounds. There was community involvement on a number of levels, this is a pioneering community and there was some sentiment to celebrate the hard work associated with the historical development of Parndana.


Sculpted by Marcus Possingham and Roland Weight in 2011, two four metre high steel figure Sculptures of Edward John Eyre and his Aboriginal guide Whylie commissioned by the District Council of Kimba Tourism Committee and funded by the District Council of Kimba and a Tourism Development Grant. They were erected in November 2011; these figures are an artistic tribute to Edward John Eyre and the indigenous men on whose bush skills he so often relied.The sculptures can be seen in the context of reconciliation; they are appreciated by the Kimba community and the local Indigenous community.

Samuel Johnson Reserve

This project was funded by the Hindmarsh ward of the Charles Sturt Council. Several artworks were commissioned to compliment the redevelopment of Samuel Johnson reserve. The reserve is in Renown Park close to Brompton and North Adelaide. Artist Roland Weight and I decided to create a circular motif that derived its form from a segmented insect. We had sixteen sections of 8mm thick steel plate rolled and shaped so we could weld them together to create the 3.5 M. high form. It is located near the cricket and tennis area and judging by the surface shine is touched and climbed on by people of all ages.