Disability Projects

Welcome to My World

This was a cross community production focused around young people in a [Disability support group] the Superstars. Marcus was involved on all levels co-writing a grant application to Art SA to receive a project grant of approx. $20,000 and supporting the cast members in the production. This brought new ideas and contempory youth music [ Hip Hop and Rap] to Clare. Project artist Morganics inspired everyone with his amazing skills. He went directly to the core of the creative process recording and mixing voice developing movement and musical compositions . See attached La La. This image shows Morganics collaborating with David MCreight Brandon Quist and Liam Wilkens. Also see poster for the production

Legend of the K9 Hero

A film made in a workshop with the superstars run by an English disability led film group Oska Bright in 2011.